What is the IDC?

What is the IDC?

by loljapes, mattjdan

The International Department of Citizenship (IDC) is an organizing body dedicated to empowering citizen projects which lay the groundwork for revolution and allow workers to control the means of production in a democratic and decentralized world.

The IDC was created in April 2020 as a response to a ‘State of the left’ survey conducted by the r/canadaleft subreddit. The survey revealed a degree of pessimism in leftist circles, with large majorities considering various facets of Canadian life to be in regression or outright collapse. Some respondents expressed a frustration with existing leftist organizations, finding that they acted as silos which missed the opportunities for collaboration made possible by modern tools. However, the survey also highlighted the fact that many people wanted to get more involved in leftist action, but felt they lacked the instruction and direction necessary to be effective.

A central goal of the IDC is to provide people the direction they need to get involved in causes that are important to them. The initial plan for the IDC was for there to be a number of geographically-based chapters that were formally autonomous from one another but collaborated on shared interests and pooled resources. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the first IDC chapter was instead organized online. We hope to begin setting up regionally-based chapters once pandemic precautions have been loosened.

To learn more about the IDC, or to submit an application to join, visit: https://1.joinidc.co/


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